Privacy Policy gathers information from her visitors. Your IP address, browser type, access times, referring address and domain names are the data that will be collected when our web portal is accessed. This data is then utilized to ensure quality and security of our services as well as to prepare reports for business use.

Confidentiality and Security: Access to view your important documents in your biodata is limited only to people you have granted access to. You have total control on which party can view your CV. Enabling your CV to be accessible to more people greatly increases your presence to potential employers.

  • When you apply for a job through CyberJob, your CV and its content will be made visible to companies you have applied to.
  • You can restrict any employer to view your CV.
  • You have the option to remove your CV from CyberJob database so it is no longer searchable.
  • A recruiter has limited access to your personal information as we believe it might be abused by the recruiter for personal gains. Any employer violating our terms and conditions will be terminated to use our services.

Email Resume: Any CyberJob accountholder has the ability to email their resumes to an employer with a message through the Email Resume service

E-Mail this job to a friend: You can recommend a job to a friend or a relative through our Mail-a-Friend service. The procedure simply requires you to complete a Mail- a –Friend form which will be sent to your desired recipient(s) along with all the job information of the job you picked. The recipient details will be utilized only for the execution of this service and no other purpose.

Resume References: Your resume will contain a reference section which will ask you to provide their basic information such as telephone number, email and their designation. Employers might contact them to verify the details as it is an integral part of your job application.

Job Mail Service:You can enable the Job Mail Service to receive emails about jobs which we think you might be interested in. The email you received is based on the criteria you set for your job after crosschecking it with the advertisement of vacancies posted by employers on our website. You may also change your job requirement at any time.

E-Mail Notification Services: You can enable E-Mail Notification Services to receive email notification(s) you requested such as workshops, training, Newsletter and Promotions. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: Some of your web pages might use the “cookies” feature which is a small text file containing information about online activity details. Most browsers use the cookie feature to open the same webpage again faster but you can change the browser settings whether to allow or remove cookies. Note that if you remove the cookies you will need to re-enter your ID and password again to access our website. Your IP address maybe be used to track your location to help us provide various promotions and location based services.
Security:Our IT specialist uses different tools (passwords and encryptions) to protect your personal information against unauthorized access as well as the data servers are maintained regularly.

Revision and updates: Our policies are revised regularly and any changes of privacy policy is published on our website.