About Us

CyberJob is an online job posting and recruitment platform that connects employers and employees to make the best career decisions.

Our Online Recruiting System, Outsourced HR Supply and Head Hunting services make hiring smarter, faster and more economic. Equipped with a fully automated system that can advertise open positions, track, screen and filter candidates based on specified criteria, our end-to-end system covers every stage of the recruitment process. Positions will expire automatically once a deadline has been set, while our system can determine whether application requirements have been met by candidates as stated by the company such as LinkedIn profiles to avoid falsified information. As an employer, you can identify, track, score and connect with potential employees without hassle via a tracking number and mass email or SMS services. Collaboration is facilitated by differentiating levels of access for different employers or personnel involved in the hiring process. Our databases maintain applicant history and can be integrated with company databases to seamlessly transfer employee data, while our advertising platform can effectively promote your brand to clients and candidates alike.

Furthermore, CyberJob makes the process of outsourcing HR supply much simpler. Whether you are hiring on a temporary, permanent or contractual basis, we can handle the process partially or completely for a variety of services, at your convenience, all without the added cost of yearly leave, increment, gratuity etc. Alternatively, if you are seeking candidates with specific requirements, we offer headhunting services to meet your needs, be it C-level executives, army personnel, highly experienced people etc.

As a Job Seeker, you have the ability to connect with companies at the click of a button. With a database of career opportunities that cover a wide range of industries and powerful technology that can filter through any criteria and match you with the right opportunities, we make the application process quick and easy. CyberJob offers you access to information and the latest updates on all your preferred companies at your fingertips so you can make decisions that will benefit your career. In addition, if you have a registered account with an uploaded CV, you can avail free workshops conducted by industry leaders to enhance your skills for absolutely no cost for the first six months.

At CyberJob, our mission is to utilize the power of technology to make the entire recruitment and application process effortless for our clients.

Whether you are looking for an employer or an employee, we have the solution for you.


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CyberJob is a brand of DNS Group.

DNS Group began its journey in 1993 and emerged as one of the leading IT Enabled Service Provider in Bangladesh. With over 23 years of recruitment experience as a group of companies, we employ an HR team with years of professional experience. Services provided by DNS include Exam & Training, Mobile Value Added Services, Banking and Financial Solutions, Consumer Products, Managed Service, Solution for Telco’s. Our Training & Testing Center is an Authorized Testing Center of British Council, ETS (GRE, TOEFL), ACCA, Prometric and Castle. Our products, services and solutions are tailored primarily for corporate, multinationals, embassies and government bodies.