CyberJob is an online recruiting platform that uses an end-to-end automation system in order to minimize the hassle faced by employers at every stage of the recruiting process, from advertising positions to updating information for a newly hired employer in the company database. Our services are designed to be much more flexible and efficient in catering to employer needs, compared to conventional methods, so as to minimize wasted time, resources and finances during the recruitment process.

When a job you have posted is ‘Pending’, it is awaiting approval by the CyberJob team. You may check the status of your pending job under Support.

You can extend the duration of a Live Job within the duration of your own membership. 
For Corporate Members (CM), this can be done according to the timespan of the specific type of membership you hold. 
Others can extend the duration within their default 45 days.

Yes, editing a Live Job can be done by clicking the Edit option under the Actions tab.

In order to repost a Job within 7 days of expiration, you must change the title of the job. After 7 days, there are no special requirements and you may post a job as usual.

All fields except for Job Title and Job Category may be edited.

We offer three payment pathways: Online payment, bKash, bank transfer and Cash payment.

No, once a company account has been created, you cannot edit its name.

No. CV’s displayed by the applicant and those in the CV bank from two different features so viewing one is different from viewing the other.

Yes. When posting a job, you can choose not to display your Company Name.

Category Jobs are job listings under specific categories and can only be accessed through the category itself. Only one position may be posted under each Category Job.
Hot Jobs are visible on the homepage along with the logo of the company posting them, giving them greater exposure. An unlimited number of positions can be posted under each Hot Job (Conditions Apply).

By default, Hot Jobs will be live for 10 days while classified job will be live for 30 days.

Yes. Please approach Support if you wish to post for positions in multiple categories.

Applicant CV’s can be collected via three methods: Online submission, Email attachment and mailed Hard copy.

You can invite a candidate from the CV Bank to apply to any job you have posted through an option in the detailed view of a candidate’s CV.
All invited candidates may be viewed in the CV Bank page.

Shortlisted CV’s can be downloaded one at a time, not all at once.

In addition to filtering candidates using a specific set of criteria, Search Filter criteria can be saved for future use to avoid repetition and wasted time.

The CV Bank menu has a list of all your shortlisted candidates. The Send Email option will allow to send a mass email to all candidates in the list.

Same as above. Just choose SMS instead of email in sending option. You can send a group of specific candidate or all candidates by clicking once.

Each candidate has been given a unique Tracking Number to facilitate the tracking of their application.

The Help/Support menu from the dropdown under the company name will allow you to contact our technical team. Alternatively, you can Contact Us at or via our webform.

Please make sure that your browser does not have any installed add-on’s for blocking advertisements. If the problem persists after removing add-on’s, changing your browser might solve the issue.

You can view your Payment History from the Payment Status option from the dropdown menu under the company name.

Please Contact Us via email at, our webform or over the phone in order to discuss the details of your requirements.

Once you have contacted us, we will use your requirements to select appropriate candidates for you to interview at your convenience.
If you decide to hire one of our candidates, our bill requires you to deposit two months’ salary of said candidate.

You can view your Subscribed Packages from the Subscribed Services option from the dropdown menu under the company name.

The Service Package option will allow to order any package from us.

Once you have ordered a Service Package, our sales team will contact you regarding the next steps.

Yes. Please contact the sales representative assigned to you for the necessary procedures.

We provide Companies with an API that they can use to avoid having to manually input employee information. Please Contact Us if you wish to find out more.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.