CyberJob is an online Job Portal that utilizes an end-to-end system to facilitate every step of the job hunting process. Our site enables Job seekers to filter open positions, keep up with company updates and apply for jobs efficiently on a single platform.

You must first create an account with us. After that, you can simply click on the Post Resume on the homepage and modify your information through five guided steps before clicking Submit.

You must login to your account to view the Edit Resume option which will allow you to make changes to your resume.

You must first Login to your account. The Edit Account Information option requires you to type your old password and new password. Click Submit to put changes into effect.

No, the username cannot be changed.

1. Click on the Forgot Password link on the Homepage.
2. Enter the email address which was used to create the account.
3. Your account information will be sent to you over email.

In order to apply for a job, you must upload your resume onto CyberJob.
For a particular job, click the Apply Online option. Type in your Username and Password when prompted. Afterwards, you will be required to input your Expected Salary before clicking on the Proceed to Apply button.

Click on any category of jobs to view listings of open positions. You can view additional details by clicking on specific job postings.

Yes. However, this is only possible if the deadline for that particular posting has not already passed and the employer has not already viewed your application.
In order to cancel, simply Login to your account and click on the View Stats option to find the Number of Jobs Applied. The Cancel icon will appear beside your Expected Salary for the positions you have applied to.

Employers registered with CyberJob can view your resume.

It is a search option that allows you to search for job postings with a specific keyword. If you type in a particular criterion such as position or company name (e.g. oracle, financial analyst), into the search bar, you can view job postings using the keyword.

Once you have logged in to your myCYBERJOB account, you can see the total number of employers who have viewed your resume next to the Total Number of Companies option. Clicking on this number will generate the list of companies.

In order to restrict access to your resume, you must first log into your myCYBERJOB account and click on the Block Employer option. Proceed to click on Block Employer from List and select the employer(s) you want to block from the list. When you hit Submit the blocked employer(s) will no longer be able to subscribe to your resume.

The Job Alert feature enables applicants to quickly sift through the large number of job listings by generating a list of jobs that meet your specified criteria. It will than send you email/sms notifications based on the same criteria.

1. Login to your myCYBERJOB account.
2. Click on Manage Agent followed by Create New Job Agent.
3. Select a name for your agent in the Agent Name field.
4. Select your Category of work.
5. Fill in your level of Experience, Organization Business Type and Work Area.
6. Click Finish.

Yes. In order to edit preferences, login to your account and click the Manage Alert option to view, edit or delete an agent.

You will get mail/sms notification based on your preferences. Ypu can also check by yourself by login to your account and click the Job Alert Results option to view a list of recommended jobs selected by your agent.

In order to view a list of jobs you have applied to over the last six months, simply login to your account and proceed to click on the Number of Jobs option. Clicking on the numeric figure will generate details of the jobs.

Email notifications allow us to inform you about available services of CyberJob via emails.

The Email Notifications option in your account will display a list of services provided by CyberJob. You can tick or untick your preferences before clicking the Add/Update Preferences option.

You must log into your account and click the Delete Resume option. Type in your Username and Password when prompted and your resume will be deleted from our site.

Once you have logged into your account, clicking on the number next to the Number of Jobs option will generate a list of jobs applied to in the past six months. Click on the previous salary for your desired application in order to edit the figure.

Yes. The Email Resume option on your myCYBERJOB account enables you to type in the sender’s and employer’s email addresses along with a short message and the relevant documents.

Workshops come free of cost and are available to newly registered users with an uploaded CV, for the first six months of their candidature at CyberJob. These are conducted by industry leaders and specific to their industry.

Training sessions are available to anyone, but at a cost. These, aim to enhance your resume by training you for specific job requirements or target a specific industry.

Attendance at both are subject to the availability of seats.

Through our website, email and making a call to our telephone number.

Through our website, email and making a call to our telephone number.

Fees, along with other details, will be updated on the relevant Training Session post when you click the TRAINING tab.

Yes, you can cancel 3 days before the Training or Workshop. 

Drop us a line at or via our webform under the Contact Us tab and we will try to accommodate your request.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.